The idyll i invented

I wander in a fabulous universe
In wich people always live in respect
Where notion of money doesn't exist
Nude girls run on the beach
We always live in serenity
In my idyll i invented
Suddenly a noise pierced the silence
I was dragged from my bliss
Propeled out of my bed
Into an appaling place
All these people changed into pigs
Slaves of their society
Mankind's retrogression
We call it masturbation
It's their self satisfaction
I've got the feeling to awake
Confronted to the hard reality
Look at them walking like zombies
They're so widely narrow minded
They make me cruelly regret
The idyll I invented
Mankind's retrogresion
We call it masturbation
It's their self satisfaction
And I wander every night
And I wander every night
Idyll I invented
Idyll I invented

© Chlorate

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