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The Daddy's Dolls interview.

(a small interview
made by ourselves just to avoid
the same old boring question!)
Who are we?
  • We are the DADDY's DOLLS!!! 5 girls who started to play rock-punk in the 1996.
What kind of music do we play?
  • We don't like to label our music but we are rather oriented towards rock-punk genre we do like energetic genuine loud music, with a touch of femininity !.
What are our influences?
  • We listen to all kind of music.. but our favourite bands are Bikini kill, Babes in toyland, L7.
How did we decide to put up a band?
  • It all started as a bet with our male "highly-gifted" musician friends... Our present formation is composed by ISA DOLL (guitar and back vocalist) ALEX DOLL ( guitar and back vocalist) ILLA DOLL (bass) FLO DOLL ( drums and back vocalist) and DEBOH DOLL (lead vocalist). At the beginning we also had a "Daddy" our dear friend "tortino" (piece of cake in Italian)..that got mad after having performed for two years in a band of girls…
If we should use an adjective to describe ourselves what would it be?
    • Alex Doll: determinate
    • Isa Doll: colourful
    • Deboh Doll: unforeseeable
    • Illa Doll: clownish
    • Flo Doll: ecological
    On the whole biodegradable, ironic, transcendental and ontological.
Unluckily being a band of girls, apart from our genre, we've been compared to the Spice Girls, what is the difference?
  • We do play.
What have we concluded till now?
  • We’ve been performed in various social independent spots, pubs and demonstrations here in Italy. Recently we recorded our first demo and we were included in an Italian punk compilation.
Any plan for the future?
  • Performing, performing, performing ...
What about our Lyrics?
  • We like the nonsense and we love to joke about things and being ironic.
Why our EP is entitled "Spoiled Punk?"
  • Because we are quite spoiled to be punk... we don't eat pet food, (even if sometimes the stuff we eat looks quite like it) we live in a house and we also have a computer!!!
How old are we?
  • Never ask the age of a lady asshole!!

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