(sucker from the space)

So easy to take valium to you?
Pride demonstration for an all
existence to becoming
Preach selfsacrifice to safely
Roaring about social achievment
Sure you will crying on your own grave

Plays Venom and let's the rich
class bastard fuckin down

Barman said to us,buy soap not beers.
So the crusty drunkard goes directly
in a mad max cover.
Jack Daniels or fuck off

It fuckes up yours pathetic dreams
Life is shittly in complete disharmony
The preach of hapiness in state of decay
Rotting in my last puke.Life is doomed

Some assholes wants see us burnin'down
Society plays with us with fire
Let's carlberg fuckin'down.

No way except to be a looser
The ace of spades

It's easy to speak but
More difficult to act
Suck your moralist speech.

People suck!

Listen to Motorhead
Drinkin carlsberg
Smoking lot of spliff
Loud pissed & rock'n'roll

We are the assbastard
We believe in a chaos
& satan is our lord
We're the assbastard
We aren't serious
But you're so blind
We're the assbastard

Pathologic symptom
I wanna kill someone
Without reasons
Just to have fun
I'm the slayer
The son of lucifer

The seventh prophecy
Earth in decay
by criminal damage
Sea comes to change in blood
War of dryness
Discharge plastic bullet
At the seventh prophecy.

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